Below is a list of restaurants and food stops I have tried personally and would recommend for your travels, as well. Check back with this list periodically, as I am continually updating it with new content. Happy Travels!

Charleston, SC

St. Louis, MO

  • Fitz’s: Budget friendly, casual, large portions, great burgers and floats
  • 2Schae Cafe: Mid-price, casual, outdoor seating, brunch, free coffee refills
  • Gringo: Budget friendly, casual, great enchiladas (the brisket is a guest favorite)
  • Broadway Oyster Bar: Mid-price, hole-in-the-wall dive, Creole style food
  • Bissinger’s Chocolate Experience: High-end, quality chocolate, delectable truffles


  • Döner Kebap: Europe-wide street food, inexpensive and delicious



  • Gambrinus Restaurante Italiano: Obviously not Spanish cuisine but it’s a cozy restaurant with amazing food and an incredible view, right next to Catedral de Santiago Compostela

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