Below is a list of accommodations I have personally stayed in and would recommend for your travels, as well. Check back with this list periodically, as I am continually updating it with new content. Happy Travels!

Charleston, SC

If you want a true Charleston experience, this is the place for you. This beautiful Bed and Breakfast is a traditional style antebellum mansion from the 1800s, and it’s unique in the sense that you not only get a room, but you get an entire “suite”, which is the top floor of the mansion. The details are immaculate and much of the original home has been maintained. Nestled right along the Battery, you won’t get a better view in Charleston. You have the luxury of being in the quieter and quaint part of town while still being walking distance to all attractions, restaurants, etc. Your “suite” includes a large foyer, master bedroom, formal sitting room with view of the Charleston Harbor, large bathroom with vanity, and a full kitchen. Step outside to the large balcony or piazza, which includes a hammock, rocking chairs, and outdoor dining area. Breakfast items are stocked daily: fresh fruit, juice, water, bagels, english muffins, yogurt, jam, freshly baked banana bread/fruit cake, coffee and cream, etc. The owners are incredibly friendly and hospitable, and they are here to make your stay in Charleston unique, special, and one to remember. Don’t pass this one up!

Costa Rica

A smaller luxury Resort in Costa Rica on the Gulf. It’s definitely a splurge, but this is where we stayed for a few nights as part of the trip through my University. If you’re not on a budget backpacking trip and want a place to relax, this is it! Great staff, beautiful rooms, great pool, great amenities, great food and drinks.

Northern Michigan

Believe it or not, Northern Michigan happens to be a large tourist destination in the summer, which mean traditional hotels significantly increase their rates. Pay $200/night for a $60 value hotel? No thanks! So Instead, I find vacation rentals to stay in.  You get much more for your money, and it’s one of the best ways to enjoy being Up North. Camping is also a great option if you’re on an even tighter budget or just want a greater sense of adventure. Empire Township Campground is a hidden gem, rustic with minimal amenities, perfect for a lover of the great outdoors! Check out more images of the campground at TripAdvisor.

San Francisco

Both these hostels above aren’t “great” but certainly aren’t bad if you just need a place to crash. When I booked my trip to SF, it was very last minute so these were the only places available. I spent most my time out exploring the city, so as long as I had a clean bed to sleep in every night, I didn’t care. They are certainly old and in need of updates, but they’re clean and friendly. Check them out if you’re on a budget or if other places are already booked. 


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