Exploring in Your Own Backyard

Many of us who suffer from wanderlust tend to dream of visiting cities and countries that are perhaps thousands of miles away. While I’m of course all for traveling the world, sometimes there are other hidden gems waiting to be explored… and they’re much closer than you think. 

I’m talking about the very place you call home. 

Even if you live in a small town, I’m willing to bet that there are many adventures waiting for you in other nearby areas of your state, country, or territory. I know I’ve certainly found my own share of favorite places here in Wisconsin, one of which being the Green Circle Trail.  

 This 30 mile trail is a nature-lover’s dream. It consists of several different segments, each with its own unique scenery and terrain. It’s perfect for hiking, biking, running, or even walking your four-legged friend.   

 Since I’m currently training for a half marathon, my running shoes and the trail have become quite acquainted. 

 Living in the residential downtown area, it’s sometimes easy to forget that outdoor recreation is just around the corner. Access to the trail runs just a few blocks from my home, with bustling restaurants and a small univeristy campus just a few blocks in the opposite direction. 

 Exploring in your own neighborhood has its advantages. For starters, it can fulfill some of your wanderlust when you’re in between travels. Even finding a new cafe can spark a welcomed change in scenery. Also, when you do travel, many people are interested in knowing where you’re from. Sharing the wonders of the place you call home could be enough to inspire others to plan their own visit in the future. 

I’m still fairly new to Wisconsin, so there is a lot of territory I have yet to discover. I encourage you to also explore what your home has to offer, you may be surprised!


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