Travel Essentials | Europe 2016

We all know that it’s best to travel light, so it’s important to find items that are lightweight and compact while still providing ultimate functionality. Since I’ve been in the midst of planning my upcoming backpacking trip to Europe, I began thinking of the various travel gadgets I might need to invest in before I step on that flight next September. Okay, perhaps “need” is taking it a bit far, so let’s just think of this as more of a wish-list. Without further adieu, here are some items I’m hoping to have in tow when I embark on my journey next fall.

1. Minaal Carry-On Backpack

One of the most important essentials for a backpacking trip? A backpack, of course! I’ve been doing some research, and as soon as I stumbled across the Minaal, I knew it was the bag for me. I love the sleek design, all the nifty compartments, as well as the protective rain cover. It comes with a fairly steep price tag at $299, and a part of me feels it’s absurd that I’m willing to splurge this much on a backpack. I justify it by thinking of it as an investment. I also might have a slight major obsession with luggage. Read more about the specs of the Minaal by clicking here.

2. Packing Cubes

These are possibly just as important as the backpack itself. I’ve never used packing cubes before, but I have a feeling that I’ve really been missing out. These will especially be handy for the Minaal bag, since one of the limitations in the design is that the sides of the main compartment are not very deep. The cubes will not only conserve a lot of space, but also keep all my clothing organized and together, meaning it won’t be spilling out of my bag. I think I’ll be purchasing my set from eBags.

3. Travel Towel

I’ve heard that some hostels you stay in may not always have linens, so having a towel on hand is always a good idea. Usually I just pack a normal towel when traveling, if I think I’ll need one, but this time I really need to save on space. A travel towel will provide the functionality I need without all the bulk. That also means it’s quick drying, which is great when you are frequently on the move.

4. iPad Air 2

Okay, I’ll be honest, this is indeed another splurge item. Though to be fair, I don’t want this item for this trip only, as it is something I’ve been wanting for at least a year now. I would like to have purchased one before I embark on my backpacking journey, because I want to be able to document my travel adventures while I’m away. Although laptops are portable, this will be a much lighter option than my MacBook Pro. So that I won’t miss out on the functionality of a keyboard, I’m also planning to purchase this ZAGG PROfolio+ Case.

5. Travel Journal

Even though I plan to electronically document my travels, I’m still a softie for good old pen and paper. I can see myself scribbling down notes while I’m sipping coffee at an outdoor cafe or jotting down memories as the countryside passes me by on the train. Having a physical travel journal with me will give me the ability to write down all the stories of my travels no matter where I am. After all, I don’t want to forget the name of that fabulous hole-in-the-wall restaurant or the beautiful new French phrase I just learned.

What essentials did you buy before your first backpacking trip? What can you not travel without? Share in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Travel Essentials | Europe 2016

  1. justbecs says:

    haha you sound just like me, today I was trying to justify buying the Minaal Bag and I said exactly the same, it’s an investment. It must be true if I’m not the only one saying it 😛

    And I always have a journal to write in, what i bought on my trip to New Zealand (not sure how it would fair for long term travel) was a ring binder with blank pages so i could write on them and then as I travelled i wrote in post cards, then when i came back i used a hole punch and put them into the folder in order 🙂

    and I also love the packing tubes, so easy and convenient what your travelling, like you have specific items in certain shapes/colours etc. so good.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fernweh Travels says:

      Perfect, now I also feel much better about wanting to splurge on the Minaal! It’s a bit ironic because I refuse to spend money on a designer bag (let’s say Coach?), however, luggage or travel things? No problem! Makes sense, right? 😉

      I love that idea of adding the post cards to the travel journal! Post cards are always my favorite souvenirs. I also just recently learned of the awesome app “Postagram”. You send a post card from your phone anywhere in the world, with your own photo, then it prints and mails it for you… for just 99 cents each! You should check it out if you haven’t already.

      I’m glad to hear good things about the packing cubes. I hate having a messy suitcase, it stresses me out. So I have a feeling these will help me to feel super organized.

      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! 🙂



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