Welcome to Fernweh Travels! ❤

Hello there, World! Thanks for stumbling across my online travel journal and blog. My name is Lina, and it has always been a dream of mine to backpack through Europe. One day, I decided it was time to turn that dream into reality. This inspired me to create “Fernweh Travels” so that I could document my travel adventures, as well as hopefully provide other travelers like myself with useful information for their next journey. Here are some tips for navigating this blog:

About: Learn more about “Fernweh Travels”

Travel Journal: This is where I will document all ongoing travel plans, as well as “live blog” my adventures from abroad when possible. Be sure to check out My Adventure Map, which shows all the places I’ve been, as well as my bucket list

Inspiration Board: A little bit of everything, my uncatergorized randomness of travel dreams… think of it as a brainstorming cloud for wanderlust

Travel Resources: My personal collection of resources based on destinations I’ve visited. I will update these regularly as I travel.

Photo Gallery: This is where I will upload all the photos from my adventures

FAQ: Questions from readers will be posted here

Contact Me: Ask me anything, I’m always excited to chat with you about your travels!

Thanks for following along! Happy travels!



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